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About Us


Over thirty years ago our team began by designing and building single family homes on Long Island. Since then, we have completed multiple residential communities in both Suffolk County and the Hudson Valley. Some of our early customers even followed us upstate over a decade ago.

We recognize the uniqueness of our surroundings; the Hudson Valley is blessed with many lovely buildings and we are committed to doing tasteful renovations of the historic properties that we choose. We believe our tenants can have “the best of both worlds”—a completely new apartment with up-to-date features within an architecturally significant building.

We believe your rental home should be built with the same care, quality and attention to detail that has been the hallmark of our private homes throughout our history.

The JMS family of companies has the management skills necessary to be responsive to your needs. Unlike some rental apartment specialists, we do not use outside investors—we own these buildings and will for the long term. That’s good for you and good for us.

Areas We Serve

  • Westchester County, NY
  • Albany County, NY
  • Ulster County, NY
  • Greene County, NY
  • Columbia County, NY
  • Suffolk and Nassau County, NY
  • Southern Florida

Our Team

The J out in front of JMS:

John Perri’s academic credentials and extensive professional achievements demonstrate a highly competent, reliable, and results-driven professional. With exceptional financial and operational oversight, and project management capabilities, John was an integral contributor to the growth and success of 21st Century Development, a real estate development company. John took this experience and grown his own companies under the JMS Collective.

In 2005, John was hired by 21st Century Development to augment the development of a $200 million, cutting-edge pending project know as The Owl Creek Club. This 600 acre, 18-hole championship golf course features a club house, restaurant, retail store, sports pavilion, and water park, with whole and fractional residential ownership communities. As demonstrated by his ability to pave in-roads with local officials and community to gain buy-in and obtain permits, John possesses strong marketing, public relations, and relationship cultivation capabilities. As part of the planning and development process, he worked with consultants and engineers to design storm water pollution and sewage plans in accordance with New York's State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA). John attended numerous industry trade shows as part of his marketing and due diligence effort to learn about the industry and foster relationships with vendors.

At the same time John was working with 21st Century Development he was promoted to the role of Controller for MPS Credit Corp, a full service lending platform. Through hard work, determination, and unyielding perseverance, John earned increasing levels of accountability. Strategic and resourceful, he streamlined accounting processes and procedures to improve reporting and profits for 12 different balance sheets. Using his financial background he managed Profit and Loss Statements, collection of payments, preparation of quarterly summary reports, expense management and review, budgets and forecasting, negotiated new loans and brought in new loans. Possessing the interpersonal skills to facilitate the growth of MPS loans, and serving as director of operations and project development for 21st Century Development, he was intricately involved in the financial and management of residential construction. So, it only made sense when John began JMS Collective, and its associated companies.

Under JMS Collective, and JMS Construction Services, Inc. John has completed total interior gut and renovation with exterior rehab on double-digit family and multi-unit apartment buildings. This entails acquisition, negotiation, renovation logistics, execution and onsite management. John and his staff are responsible for brokering the over two dozen high-end apartment homes upon completion and maintaining them on a daily basis. By encouraging collaborative relationships with brokers, subcontractors and vendors he effectively navigates the process, resolves problems, and consistently delivers high-quality results, on time, and within budget.

As evidenced by his successes, John exhibits strengths and qualifications that make him a well-rounded strategic thinker, leader, and business manager. He works well with interdisciplinary teams by building rapport to generate consensus, negotiate deals, and achieve overarching goals.

Prior to joining 21st Century Development, John was an Investment Management Analyst at Morgan Stanley, where for three years, he facilitated effective trade execution and management of assets by providing finance and accounting management, and reporting for internal and external clients.

John earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Investments from Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY) in 2001 followed by his Master of Business Administration from St. Rose College in 2006. Currently, John is a member of the ICSC and has served as the Coxsackie Area Chamber of Commerce Treasurer and the Coxsackie-Athens Rotary Treasurer.

The backbone of JMS

Today’s business environment requires people who can adapt to constant changes—technological, economic, social, and even geographical. In that respect Kristi Perri has shown an uncommon ability to do that…and to thrive.

After graduating from SUNY Oswego with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Business Administration, Kristi earned an MS in School Counseling from Long Island University and began her career in the public schools there. She worked with both older elementary school and high school students on typical counseling tasks such as course selection, peer problem solving, college prep, career development, and job placement. However Kristi also elected to work with high risk students in an alternative program for high school students that resulted in increased success for the students as demonstrated by both college and work placements.

When her family moved in order to accommodate her husband’s opportunities, Kristi used her skills, training, and energies to enter the business world as a Customer Care Representative and, ultimately, Manager for Government Contracts, USA in Albany, NY. She collaborated with the Human Resources department to recruit, hire, train, and manage customer care representatives for the highly detailed task of providing businesses with up to the minute information on a cross section of government bidding and procurement opportunities.

Included in her management assignment was the collection of outstanding receivables; Kristi responded by recovering $100,000 for the company in two months. The other skill areas that she demonstrated included staff counseling and retention, goal setting and monitoring, performance reporting, and HR policy development.

After the birth of her second child, Kristi began to work with her husband’s growing real estate development, management, and finance business where her prior experience, attention to detail, interpersonal and organizational skills are a good fit. She is responsible for a very successful on-line marketing campaign to rent newly renovated apartments that eliminated the need to pay outside brokers and enhanced the company’s profits.

Kristi was involved in all the steps--from screening and qualifying applicants to showing apartments to finalizing leases. She uses the most current software (AppFolio) to manage all aspects of this real estate management business. She controls all the accounts and ensures payments to utility companies, taxing authorities, insurance companies and other vendors. She prepares monthly packages of all revenues and expenses for submission to CPA’s and is responsible for alerting other company personnel to trends, problems, and opportunities.

The firm continues to acquire, rehabilitate, rent up, and manage multi-unit residential buildings and is about to embark on its largest rental project to date—an apartment community of 200 units.

Kristi also is in charge of many of the details in managing a related mortgage lending company; she uses Quickbooks to aid in mortgage servicing and is also responsible for the proper completion of all new mortgage origination documents and the provision of everything required for efficient and accurate real estate closings. She audits all required insurance policies to protect the company’s secured interests in the real estate assets.

All of this experience has come into play in Kristi’s most recent responsibility with ProVest Properties, LLC a real estate investment company that packages commercial real estate investments for investors through private placements. In conjunction with the principals of the company, she prepares comprehensive offering plans containing specific information on the asset, its location, market conditions, underlying leases, competitors, and financial details relative to both operating results and investor requirements.

Kristi handles all aspects of the Limited Liability Companies’ subscription process for new investors, tracks results and arranges distributions for existing investors, and manages the database. She is also the coordinator between the on-site management company and the investment group—handling all communications, financial reporting, and banking.

Her ability to continually refine her abilities, learn new but related aspects of the real estate business, and relate effectively with everyone from the smallest residential tenant to mortgage bankers with major interests in shopping plazas throughout the country has made Kristi a vital part of the management teams of these companies.

The MS behind it all:

With over 25 years’ experience in the commercial and real estate industry, Mark Salomon, has demonstrated an aptitude for uncovering unique and profitable investment opportunities in a fluid and constantly evolving market place. Showcased by an extensive career as a real estate developer, portfolio manager, and business owner, Mark has leveraged strong thought leadership, innovation, and strategic planning and analysis to make calculated, key business decisions.

As a consummate entrepreneur, Mark has extensive experience launching, expanding, and managing diverse, yet complementary business models. As the founder and chief executive officer of 21st Century Development, Mark spearheaded a residential development company that has produced numerous projects valued upwards of $200 million throughout New York and New Jersey. As part of explosive growth, the organization grew to over 100 employees with a complete portfolio of equipment, framing, roofing, mechanical, and support staff.

Leveraging large-scale vision, Mark established MPS Credit Corp. in 1990, a financial services institution, offering creative financing to customers. A full service platform, this organization holds and services $25 million in assets. In 1998, Mark introduced Pat Mar Development Corp.,an entity that has acquired a consortium of properties, including apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, and day care facility across the U.S.

In 2003, Mark spearheaded the design of Owl Creek Club, a$200 million robust project in Athens, NY, that included 600 acre, 18-hole championship golf course; club house;restaurant; retail store; sports pavilion; water park; and whole and fractional residential ownership communities.This novel concept was the product of extensive due diligence, market research, financial analysis, and project acquisition efforts. Owning all pieces, Mark and his team, created the infrastructure, built the brand, developed marketing materials, sourced and secured vendors, and obtained permits.

The constant theme throughout each venture is Mark’s intrinsic ability to source and structure new deals by conducting complex due diligence, analyzing financial statements, assessing risks, and performing physical facilities inspections. With exceptional knowledge of structuring financial terms, evaluating legal ramifications, and serving as a key liaison, he thrives in high-pressure environments characterized by constant change.

Most notable is Mark’s propensity for cultivating and sustaining enduring relationships with strategic partners through his commitment to excellence, integrity, and high ethical standards. As a sought-after resource for his market knowledge, and talent for managing situations in accordance with changing environments, he has entered into partnership agreements with diverse groups to invest, develop, and manage commercial and residential properties that yield profitable outcomes.

Mark began his career at Kodak as a consulting engineer in the energy management division. After two years building camera components, he realized his interpersonal communication and relationship management competencies were not sufficiently utilized. In 1982, he joined Southland Corporation as the director of construction, energy management, and maintenance for the east coast region. During these two years, he honed the foundation of his technical skills, project management capabilities, and passion for real estate construction, acquisition, and management. He significantly grew the portfolio and impacted the success of stores, gas stations, and food distribution centers.

Mark obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).